AIVA ASTRA is a vocalist, songwriter, composer, actress, and performance artist who draws pure imagination from the realms of mysticism & Earthly experience. AIVA creates multi-layered musical dream pieces through originally crafted concepts and personal narratives. Her performance invites you to engage in a modern style of theatricality, immersed in a thoughtfully designed experience. Enter through the celestial stargate and join the constellation of us!

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The Next Time I See You, Again explores the qualities of love and desire that linger in the space between sunset and the inevitable sunrise. A project that truly transcends genres and leave listeners souls' day dreaming to new places.

Take your mind on a journey...





AIVA ASTRA is a music artist, creative coach, and energy healer offering monthly mantras, meditations, podcasts, vlogs, and more to help raise your vibration, support self-healing, and guide fellow creatives toward awakening and self mastery. Tune into the makings of the artist process with exclusive music content and behind the scenes magic!