AIVA ASTRA is a multi-talented individual with reach in both the performance arts and healing realms. 

Within the arts, AIVA is a well-versed and ethereal vocalist, songwriter, composer, actress, and performance artist who draws inspiration from her mystic visions and the human experience.


Her latest release with Brain Candy Management, Dynomite, brings forth a 70’s inspired beat layered with messages of living confidently and practicing unwavering self-love, inviting listeners to step out into the sunlight and soak in all the stellar vibes after more than a year of COVID-19 precautions and ordinances. With experience as a stage performer, she engages you in a new style of theatrical storytelling that combines originally crafted concepts soundtracked by musical narratives. While exploring her universe through many styles of music, she considers herself a conscious creator who channels purely from the heart.

AIVA is also a certified professional life coach specializing in creative vision coaching as well as a gifted Reiki practitioner and meditation guide. Her practice aims to help individuals gain clarity and confidence in expressing their most authentic selves to the world through their artistry and find balance in other areas of life. AIVA & THE LOVE VIBRATION, a private and virtual ceremony, immerses the senses, connects us to our heart, and awakens universal love through meditation, open conversation, and light entertainment. The AIVA ASTRA Patreon membership platform also brings the best of her creative talents and healing gifts. There, she offers monthly high vibe content in mantras, creative coaching podcasts, music exclusives, virtual events, and more to her growing Constellation of Us community.

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Dynomite takes us to a “far out” disco party in the future. Sparks fly on the dance floor between a holographic dream girl and her disco dancing lover boy.





AIVA ASTRA is a music artist, creative coach, and energy healer offering monthly mantras, meditations, podcasts, vlogs, and more to help raise your vibration, support self-healing, and guide fellow creatives toward awakening and self mastery. Tune into the makings of the artist process with exclusive music content and behind the scenes magic!