An artists branding is a crucial part to a cohesive visual representation of their sonic work. It can be difficult to capture the true essence of an artist and boil it down to one logo, icon, or color pallet - but, here at Brain Candy it's one of our favorite types of projects! Having cohesive stylized branding allows fans to easily identify an artist, creates easy for an artist throughout social media, merchandise and visual artwork decisions, and build a strong foundation for an artist to grow from. At Brain Candy we take the time to truly get to know the artist, their goals, and style before even starting the initial design process so that we create branding true to the artist. Explore our past branding projects below!

PF - Font Only.png



Professor Fox, a.k.a. Zak Jablow, wanted a logo that he could quickly and easily draw by hand himself as a sort of artist "tag" that represented a fox. He wanted a combination of professionalism and casualness that represents his personal style. Working closely with Fox, our Creative Overlord Kress designed a full rebrand to rejuvenate  the legendary producers branding including a fresh logo, updated front, color pallet and website.



Murry came to Brain Candy looking for a logo that would represent his eclectic mix of 90's grunge and modern glam. Seeking to create something gritty with a hint of graffiti that was truly unique to Murry, our Creative Overlord Kress produced the logo and signature M in additional to social media assets, color pallet and a full branding guide to help with future graphics that are created for Murry's branding.

Murry - Spotify Banner - W_ Logo.jpg
MURRY - Icon - YBLR.jpg
MURRY - Full Logo - BRY.jpg
Summer Belt - Gemini Cover - FV.jpg
SB - Icon - white.png
Summer Belt - Gemini - FV - Font only.png
Summer Belt - Logo - Purple + Turq shadow.png



Summer Belt has a fantastic stage name (which is actually her given name) and needed the perfect branding to encompass her badass persona. Working with Brain Candy for both audio and management services, the creative team was already familiar with Summers "no fucks given" attitude and set off to create the custom branding in addition to a website with more personality than most people. Brain Candy is proud to have continued to produce a large majority of Summer's visual content since including music videos, single covers, and more.