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One of the most important aspects of success comes from strong creative assets. Our creative team works to go beyond the traditional in ensuring that each creative output matches the goals and needs of everyone we work with. We understand that the visual elements of a project function to tell stories and convey messages just as much as their audio and textual counterparts. We are here to help curate all your creative needs whether it be brandinggraphicsphotography, or video! Discover our previous creative work below.



An artists branding is a crucial part to a cohesive visual representation of their sonic work. It can be difficult to capture the true essence of an artist and boil it down to one logo, icon, or color pallet - but, here at Brain Candy it's one of our favorite types of projects! Having cohesive stylized branding allows fans to easily identify an artist, creates easy for an artist throughout social media, merchandise and visual artwork decisions, and build a strong foundation for an artist to grow from. At Brain Candy we take the time to truly get to know the artist, their goals, and style before even starting the initial design process so that we create branding true to the artist. 

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There's no denying the importance of an artists graphics, it's often what makes or breaks a first impression in the day and age of streaming and social media. Album covers, show posters, merchandise and more are all places where an artist can further express their creativity and translate their auditory artist to visual ones. While it may not always be easy to craft exactly whats in an artists head, its our teams favorite challenge and we love diving into the meaning behind projects to bring the details to life! Since a single never just needs an album/single cover we offer graphic packages that include all the elements needed for a full cohesive release cycle. Contact a Brain to learn more about all of the graphic services we offer!



In the day and age of "iPhone photographers" it's important to make sure your artists photographs are up to snuff. Be confident in the photographer behind the lens when you book with Brain Candy's Creative Overlord - Kress. She's been trained by her grandmother - an award winning portrait photographer - since she was 5, majored in film in undergrad, and now works from her own studio here at Candyland to create and capture various vibes for artists. From grunge to glam, we've got you covered!



Our Creative department is led by our Creative Overlord, Ayla Kress. From a young child learning photography from her Grandmother - an award winning portrait photographer, to her years spent at the University of Wisconsin - Madison studying Film and Digital Studies, Kress has always immersed herself in any type of creative medium she could get her hands on! 

Kress oversees the creation of the majority of all Brain Candy creative projects, but works closely with our Video Admiral, Amber Solheim, on video related products. Regardless of if it's a new artist branding, website build, or an album cover Kress and her team is here make sure all graphic elements of an artists career are cohesive and representative of their artistry.

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