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One of the most crucial and consistent tasks in the music industry is organizing chaos. With development and management services we truly exercise our beyond the traditional motto ensuring the chaos stays as contained as possible. With development packages to provide long term and fruitful guidance while setting you up for something to manage regularly we additionally offer month to month management to streamline repetitive processes and keep the nitty gritty organized so the artist can solely focus on what they love most: writing and playing music. 



If you want to be a full time musician it is important to develop properly into a manageable business. Setting goals, prioritizing properly, and getting in healthy routines to boost your artistry is key. This is exactly what our development packages set you up for. These development tiers are designed to keep the key priorities in your direct eyesight to keep realistic goals and growth in place. I focus on the bare essentials that each artist needs to maintain looking professional and impressive for the future gatekeepers you want to impress. Aligning your storefronts (music and social platforms) to be cohesive and undeniably you is key and something you can carry on with you throughout your career. 

GUILLOTINE x k10 - Management Client



The ideal life for a musician is to eat, sleep and breathe writing and playing music. It’s hard enough to be a content creator for social media on top of that, so when you have developed enough as an artist to begin juggling too many hats; it’s nice to have a manager step in. Brain Candy lives life beyond the traditional to specialize in juggling the backend nitty gritty details so that you have more time to play. We exercise detail oriented brains to keep our eyes on all aspects of your artistry to avoid things slipping through the cracks. Your ideal month to month manager awaits. These packages are 100% customized to fit your goals and what primarily goes on in your day to day. General goal setting and task management is a must and having someone to hold you accountable and resurface your memory so you can focus more on your music is a game changer. Packages include but are not limited to: assisting with song release processes, live show assistance (advancing shows, sending cold emails, venue suggestions, being presentable on your platforms to be most impressive), maintaining cohesive storefronts, advice and input, formatting emails for pitching purposes, stepping in as representation and always looking out for your best interest. Once you have developed as an artist to the point where more humans have eyes on you it is more important than ever to maintain your online presence and streamline as many processes as you can. This is where the real work begins.



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Our mgmt and development department is led by our Creative Brain Operator, Kristen Davis. Since 2011 Kristen has been building her reputation in the music industry by working her way from the ground up gaining hands-on experience and knowledge of basically all departments of the industry. Her knowledge and experience grows daily with the eclectically talented Brain Candy team surrounding her to reference in their expertise. This gives Kristen a powerful management tool by knowing how any aspect that needs to be managed should operate properly and give the true team backing to each client. 

 The ultimate organizer of chaos and eater of time alleviates artist stress giving constant reassurance of what should be prioritized and what is being done well. Kristen understands that each artist has different needs and specializes in identifying strengths and weaknesses. She helps the artist build up and maintain their strengths and assist diligently in the weak areas. From social media ideation, maintaining updates on all platforms (music and social), planning releases, cold outreach, being general artist representation assisting in cold emails,  setting up your first release, to helping organize independent festivals - she’s got you covered.

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