AIVA ASTRA is a vocalist, songwriter, composer and performance artist who draws inspiration from her mystic visions and the human experience. Creating multi-layered musical dream pieces she found a team to help her assemble this all together in the gorgeous rebranding of AIVA ASTRA which Brain Candy fulfilled. After creating several unique logos along with the name came several more graphic design projects for a fresh EPK and webpage, just to name a few. BCM has touched all aspects of both previous and new releases with audio production as well. Mixing, mastering her gorgeous creations was just the start as BCM’s audio extraordinaire now collaborates with her on co-writing and total song recreations also. Releases strategies, PRO registration, distribution and several other backend tasks are just a few of the things AIVA and her team at BCM put their hands on. While maintaining full creative control AIVA has been able to branch out even more, receiving photoshoots both remotely and locally as well as full music video production, lyric videos, visualizers, and cover songs recorded and released for YouTube. Keep your eyes peeled for what Brain Candy and AIVA ASTRA will conjure up together next.