This is Summer Belt, a captivating songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN alongside her bold management team, Brain Candy. Once signing on with BCM the team went straight to work sorting out her PRO registrations, general business management, and a full branding package to unleash this beast of a rock artist to the world. Branching off the branding package and the artist's unique sound, Brain Candy has orchestrated several projects from full production music videos, including wardrobe and full set designs / scouting, and intimate cover song videos along with BCM producing, mixing, and mastering each track released over the last year. BCM didn’t stop there, the creative team provided gorgeous photoshoots for Summer’s artistry and each single dropped. Her music has been pitched to a variety of media outlets landing her a write up, podcast appearance, and playlist features. Social media management, release strategies, and the most personable full webpage build you have ever seen are just a few additions Brain Candy has added to this unstoppable artists world.