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There's no denying the importance of an artists graphics, it's often what makes or breaks a first impression in the day and age of streaming and social media. Album covers, show posters, merchandise and more are all places where an artist can further express their creativity and translate their auditory artist to visual ones. While it may not always be easy to craft exactly whats in an artists head, its our teams favorite challenge and we love diving into the meaning behind projects to bring the details to life! Since a single never just needs an album/single cover we offer graphic packages that include all the elements needed for a full cohesive release cycle. Contact a Brain to learn more about our pricing, packages and all of our graphic services we offer!


Our in-house graphic design is provided by our Creative Overlord, Ayla Kress. For over a decade Kress has been polishing her design skills. From social media graphics and show posters to album covers and artist merch, she's designed it all! Combining video, photography, graphic design, and classic mediums, there's no design style she hasn't enjoyed dabbling in. We are also pleased to work with a selection of hand picked artists that specialize in specific mediums. Whatever your needs are, our team is here to make sure the visual elements of your artistry are on par with your musical elements!

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