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Mastering is an elusive topic that has haunted many producers at 2am after days of trying to finish their mix. 

The Candyman Mastering Guide is designed to demystify mastering, and give you an easy-to-understand process to professionally master your music.

This 42 page guide focuses on the principals on what mastering entails, and give you multiple ideas and options on how to achieve each step. 

This is not a “QUICKEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY MASTERING” guide - this is for learning the process and fundamentals of what makes a professional master great and apply to your own mixing and mastering process.


  • Mastering Overview & Fundamentals

  • Reference Track Selection Principles

  • Session Template and Track Preparation

  • Sub Control

  • EQ Techniques

  • Multiband Compression Techniques

  • Stereo Imaging Techniques

  • Harmonic Excitement Techniques

  • Master Compression 

  • Limiting Techniques

  • Exporting Principles

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“This is so simple and good! I like the analogies. Very comprehensive and easy to read.”



  • “I think the guide is fantastic. The formatting and all the colors made it easy to follow even on my phone, which is not an easy task with my adhd. Everything makes sense and is broken down into terms that most people reading should be able to follow.”

  • Asa Spades


“All of the information so far is spot on and has been a major part of how I started mixing and mastering”



  • Works on Mac & Windows computers

  •  Works on IOS & Android devices (mobile & tablets)

  •  Table of content for easy navigation

  •  Easy & Simple Layout

  •  Available in English

  •  PDF Format - Pages x 41

  •  Download Size - 1.63 MB

My mockup 14 from Isolated Apple Devices Pack.jpg



Earning an M.A. in Audio Arts at Syracuse University, Tony honed his technical skills by learning from Grammy-nominated engineers, producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, and film sound designers.

Throughout his 10-year career he has studied under and learned from: 

James Abbott (Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer) 

Patrick MacDougall (Mixing - Celine Dion, Heart, Yes) 

Doug Quin (Sound Design - Jurassic Park 2)

Seth Drake (Mixing & Mastering - Bassnectar, Set It Off, Chase Atlantic)

Bob Macc (Mastering - DJ Shadow, Wu-Tang Clan)


Taking inspiration from all of his teachers, Tony has crafted his style to be applicable to all genres. He takes the art form of mixing and mastering to heart and prides himself on being able to capture the artist’s emotion and bring the song to life beyond what the artist thought was possible.

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