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How the Greater Than Collective is Changing What it Means to Be an Artist

The Greater Than Collective is a group of 6 songwriters/producers overseen by Brain Candy who create custom, one-stop, licensable music for sync and for work-for-hire purchase.


Zak Jablow and Noah Lloyd began writing songs together specifically for sync placements, eventually bringing in other artists to the sessions. Jay Putty and Nate Gott were two of the most prolific writers that got involved, and frequent collaborator Adam Siegfried was also included in the production process. Eventually, a coherent, consistent group began to form, most of whom were either Brain Candy artists or frequent collaborators with Brain Candy.

After consistently pumping out high quality tunes, the group realized that they had the potential to create something groundbreaking: Noah and Zak approached Tony Chiarella with the idea of forming a sync writing group that does custom work and that ensures contracts, stems, and lyrics are readily available for rapid turnaround the moment a track is placed.

This idea quickly grew into what is now known as the Greater Than Collective. The core strength of Greater than lies in its identity as a collective. It allows each member to bring a specific set of skills to the table, enabling a wide array of specialized expertise to be available the moment it is needed. This includes writing, singing, recording, production, mixing, mastering, pitching, networking, negotiating and beyond.

The nature of the collective also ensures that work done for the collective belongs to all of its members. This means that no member(s) can undercut the others, and that when one member succeeds, contractually, the entire group succeeds—even if some members were not directly involved in that specific sync or placement. If you’ve had a tough time, no worries; being a member of Greater Than means you won’t miss out on income purely because the gods of sync weren’t in your favor.

Greater Than also allows members to pursue what they love outside of the collective: the collective does not believe in placing restrictions on or dictating what a member can work on.

Through these tenets, the Greater Than Collective has made success in the sync industry infinitely more attainable, all while developing a supportive, sustainable, collaborative, and creative environment - an ideal for the creation of high-quality music. Currently the collective has a catalog of over 100 songs, all at the ready for placement and sync.

Check out some of the collective’s incredible tunes here!


  • Noah Lloyd: Aka Haterade. Most proficient in producing EDM, Pop, Trap, and Rap music. Brain Candy Artist.

  • Nate Gott: songwriter and singer and Brain Candy artist. He can work in almost any genre, but Pop, Kpop, and RnB are his strong suits.

  • Adam Siegfried: Aka 10k Sound. Most proficient in producing EDM, Pop, Trap, and Rap music. Frequently produces in tandem with Noah.

  • Jay Putty: Jay is the Rock, Indie, and Kpop powerhouse. He supplies many briefs to the group and is constantly networking with potential collaborators.

  • Zachary Jablow: Aka Professor Fox. Produces Pop, Rap, Trap, & RnB. Also supplies briefs and songwriters for the group to work with.

  • Tony Chiarella: Aka Tichi. Produces EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop, Orchestral and “Left of Center.” Manager of the group and Brain Candy's Keeper of the Realm.


Adara Placement

Adara is an EDM singer who was initially brought on to co-write a song with Greater Than. Adara loved their work so much that she hired the collective to produce, mix and master her upcoming single Turn Around.


MyPart is an AI-based music catalog designed for Music Supervisors. The AI that powers MyPart sorts music into coherent groups that share commonalities in a certain trait, like genre, mood, lyrical composition, instrumentation, lyrical melody, mix quality, etc. Music Supervisors can upload a reference song, and the algorithm will return the top songs that it believes most closely match the reference.

Greater Than was invited to upload their catalog of songs to MyPart, which means that the music of Greater Than is now being pushed to music supervisors that are algorithmically likely to be interested in contracting the collective. MyPart has proven to be a huge opportunity for Greater Than.

Pitch List on FaceBook

The community-centric ideals of the Greater Than collective has also led to Jay Putty creating the incredible facebook group “The Pitch List.” This group serves as a supportive community for individuals in the songwriting/music industry and is a great resource for music creators of all types. Through The Pitch List, Jay has hosted multiple virtual writing camps for songwriters to showcase their skills over some of Greater Than’s productions, which will be integrated into the catalog and pitched for future sync opportunities!


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