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In the Throes of "Throwdown"

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Dusty Live, the band, and BCM took to the race track to film the music video for his latest single “Throwdown,” treating some lucky attendees to a pop-up rock show at the NASCAR tailgate by day's end. Everything was in order to get hoods quaking when the day began-- the gear was in tow, excitement was high-- but it's not a day at the track without a little roadside assistance.

Dusty and the team set up shop at the outskirts of the track, gathering a crowd of excited onlookers in the process. As the sun began to set, the band got to playing. They got as far as the opening chords before the generator powering the band’s sound system blew. But, those chords must’ve struck some race-goers in the right place. A few generous men who had been anxiously waiting for the team to finish setting up and put on a show pulled up in their truck and offered the team two generators for the shoot. The rest, like all proverbial tales of chaos turning into epic saves, is history.

Featuring the sunset-backed, impromptu footage shot by the BCM team, and some additional shots from the race itself, the “Throwdown” music video encapsulates the carefree, spontaneous, and energetic presence Dusty Live brings to his live performances. It adds nuance to the song itself in bringing to life the definition of chaotic good, the key component to a memorable party. He came to the track for a throwdown, and despite the circumstances, he sure as hell made it happen. Check it out here!

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