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Nate Gott & The Brain Candy Process

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

While forging his own path to success in the music industry, Nate Gott has signed on to Brain Candy as one of our all-star artists.

As we’ve said before, finding the right artist manager can be the difference between shooting for the moon, and actually reaching the stars. However, some artists considering a management team may not fully understand the extent to how a manager can make a difference for them. Likewise, some managers struggle to identify the needs of the artists they are managing. Understanding the needs of one another is critical in the artist-manager relationship, and the success of both parties depends on it. The best managers let their artists define their vision, and give them the best tools and guidance they need to bring their vision to life.

Who is Nate Gott?

Take Nate Gott, for example, who is one of Brain Candy’s all-star artist clients. He started creating his vision at the age of 14 when he wrote his first song. When he showed it to his choir teacher in high school, she urged him to play it in front of the whole school at the pep rally. As he began to fall in love with his writing, Nate sent a shockwave through his peers that has carried forward.

Nate now considers songwriting to be among his greatest skills. He knows how to deliver a great song every single time. A song that everyone can relate to, a song that will succeed in the market, and, of course, a song that carries emotional weight. He takes a conversational approach in his lyrics, and it goes a long way for engaging the right audiences. According to Nate “When I start writing, I think about what I would actually say to someone if they were sitting right next to me.” This makes his message extremely easy to relate to, while also being personal to each listener.

Taking the Reigns

Nate also has also elevated his songwriting skills by taking on the role of a producer. For his most recent single, Used To, Nate handled all aspects of production. Nate then handed the project to Tony Chiarella at Brain Candy, who crafted the final mix. Influenced by Timbaland, Nate’s production skills have absolutely contributed to his success as an artist and songwriter.

Created by Ayla Kress

When Brain Candy signed Nate several years ago, his brand as an artist became the main focus. With Nate bearing incredible talent, Brain Candy’s team stepped in to define his brand and target market. Managed by our very own Kristen Davis, Nate has been able to expose himself to new opportunities all over the music industry. Supplying Nate with a stellar new logo, photoshoots, and cover art for his newest release, Brain Candy's creative team helped Nate establish his brand. If you have not had the chance to see his new lyric video, check it out below!

Created by Amber Solheim

According to Nate, “Brain Candy is an incredible management team, and they have helped me carry out my vision and accomplish everything I need to for my artistry.” As the anti-label, Brain Candy allows our artists maintain their creative control, while also giving them with the guidance they need to their launch their careers.

Looking for stellar music videos, impeccable logo design, and unmatched graphic design services for your artistry? Let Brain Candy help!

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