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Mastering is an elusive topic that has haunted many producers at 2am after days of trying to finish their mix. 


The Candyman Mastering Guide is designed to demystify mastering, and give you an easy-to-understand process to professionally master your music.


This 42 page guide focuses on the principles of what mastering entails, and give you multiple ideas and options on how to achieve each step. 


This is not a “QUICKEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY MASTERING” guide - this is for learning the process and fundamentals of what makes a professional master great and apply to your own mixing and mastering process.



  •  Works on Mac & Windows computers

  •  Works on IOS & Android devices (mobile & tablets)

  •  Table of content for easy navigation

  •  Easy & Simple Layout

  •  Available in English

  •  PDF Format - Pages x 42

  •  Download Size - 1.63 MB


*Due to the digital nature of this product, refunds will not be available

The Candyman Mastering Guide

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