With Brain Candy Publishing, you will get expert administrative support and solicitation. Our team has trekked through international royalties, major label placements, and everything in between. We can provide you first class guidance through this often turbulent world.


Our partners in the synch world are not third party libraries or giant clearing houses. No. We go straight to the source. We deal directly with music supervisors, advertising agencies and producers to help cut out the middleman. This raises the quality of your end product, and increases your payouts.


Have a cover song but are not sure how to legally release it on Spotify? What are you going to do with that uncleared soul sample in your latest release? Not sure if it is The Hairy Fox Agency or Harry Fox? By enlisting the brains behind Brain Candy, you can be confident that all your originals, covers, and crate digging is legitimately distributed, credited, and monetized.


Have a song that you think is perfect for synch? Then use this form here and our expert ears will analyze and report back to you!

Or use the contact form to the right to get in touch with us if you have additional questions regarding our synch, publishing or licensing services.

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