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Chris Tyler

Labyrinth Architect

Chris Tyler, Labyrinth Architect at Brain Candy, is a brilliant creative with unparalleled intellectual curiosity that sets him apart from the rest. Chris, above all else, adores community and seeks to empower the artistic community of Nashville through assisting with Brain Candy's business development and ultimately launching its fifth department which will encompass all things Live.

Chris joins the Brain Candy team after 4+ years at William Morris Endeavor (WME) as an Agent Assistant then Agent Trainee where he crafted his reputation as a daring, hard working, tech-savvy, forward thinking, and considerate industry leader. From booking arenas and festivals in the largest territories at WME, Chris curated deep connections with promoters, artists, and their management teams alike. Handling all elements from incoming offers to day-of-show details for multi million dollar clients, Chris has seen it all.. and then some! As a member of the Agent Trainee program he learned first hand from industry heavy-weights, taking with him invaluable knowledge as he joins Brain Candy family.

Prior to WME, Chris founded "Melt" one of Nashville’s early and successful electronic music events. It introduced the city to new styles of music and a new take on immersive-experience based events outside of traditional music showcases. He spends his free time producing electronic music under the stage name, Ives, and has curated a niche, dedicated fanbase, that allows him to tour the country - playing a variety of underground venues and emerging festivals.

Chris holds a B.S. in Audio Engineering and Music Business from Middle Tennessee University.

Chris Tyler
Chris Tyler
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