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Kristen Davis

Creative Brain Operator

Kristen is a strategic and creative artist manager and event organizer. Guiding and developing confidence with every artist encountered to ensure their sole focus is their craft.

Music has been an all consuming aspect of Kristen's life and has manifested into her one passion. She is well known for her unique and uplifting spirit which she enacts with each project and artist encountered. Kristen carries this genuine love on her sleeve with each career step taken.

Throughout her career, Kristen has orchestrated a multitude of sold out concerts, ensuring every piece of production was ready to melt faces. To further her industry expertise, she obtained an associate degree in Entertainment Business, receiving honors as the salutatorian of her 2020 graduating class.

Superpowers include maintaining excellent organization of all projects and ensuring maximum communication while everyone involved progresses creatively. Kristen spends both her free time and work time making sure all conversations lead to inspiration, courage, and growth. Her passions and roles in life come down to making beautiful music experiences for the artist(s) and their fans.

In August of 2020 Kristen jumped into the Brain Candy galaxy to exercise new parts of her mind as Creative Brain Operator. Evolving with this beyond the traditional company alongside the variety of talent that orbits BCM she has learned countless new skills and taken on several new adventures while still maintaining her live music path as well. She maintains new ideas and excitement of spending life working alongside creative souls as their dreams rise together.

Kristen Davis
Kristen Davis
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