Get to know the entrepreneurs, day dreamers, and doers behind Brain Candy Management. With decades of combined experience and education across nearly every corner of the entertainment industry, you can be confident in those leading the revolution here at Brain Candy Management. Our team crash landed in Nashville, TN years ago, where they happily dedicate their time to supporting disruptive artists, revolutionizing the industry, and sparking creativity around town. In addition to our permeant team members listed below, we are honored to work with dozens of freelance artist, creative, and experts on a daily basis to help our clients achieve their dreams. 




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Ayla Kress, Founder & Creative Overlord at Brain Candy Management (BCM) and General Partner of Scrappy Capital, is a creative business strategist who works with emerging artists and disruptive startups. As a founder, Kress believes you must go beyond the traditional in all that you do - and encourages her clients to do the same. She has worked with dozens of artists from little bands to legends providing VIP experiences, growth strategies, content creation and more. In addition, she has assisted dozens of startups as an advisor, operator and investor, spanning several industries from packaging to music technology. 

In 2016, Kress founded BCM with the goal to ignite innovation in the music industry through providing non-traditional creative development services to startups and up-and-coming artists in Nashville, TN. The following year, she joined the Scrappy Capital team as General Partner to develop a disruptive approach to VC Firms where she focuses on securing funding for music and entertainment based startups in emerging tech hubs such as Nashville.


Kress holds a B.A. in Film and Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in addition to an M.A. in Music Business and Audio Arts from Syracuse University. Kress believes in always paying it forward and does so through volunteering for Junior Achievement, advising for Student Startup Madness, and more.




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Tony Chiarella is an audio engineer, and electronic music producer and of course, Keeper of the Digital Realm at Brain Candy Management.


Priding himself on his technical savvy and attention to detail, Tony is responsible for onboarding artists onto all digital platforms and focuses on helping the artist visualize their path from creation to collection - ensuring they are getting paid for their art. Music Distribution, PRO Registration, Social Media Growth, and Live Streaming Services, are just some of the services he offers to help artists grow as a brand and collect on all royalties that may be earned through the music industry's many facets.


In addition to his business acumen, Tony is an accomplished audio engineer and electronic music producer. Earning an M.A. in Audio Arts at Syracuse University, Tony honed his technical skills learning from Grammy nominated engineers, producers, and film sound designers.


Through his electronic music brand, Tichi,  he has garnered over 300,000 streams on self-released tracks with strong branding and new-age guerrilla marketing tactics. Tony hopes to give artists the opportunity to achieve a successful career without major record labels controlling their masters and hindering the artists' creative control.




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Kristen Davis is a strategic and creative production manager and event organizer for entertainers. She creates guidance and confidence to every artist encountered so that they are able to focus solely on their crafts.


When walking into a concert you walk in with happiness, excitement, and energy. These are the things Kristen has felt about music her entire life. She is now known for her unique and uplifting spirit while putting together successful music projects.

Kristen has orchestrated several sold out concerts, ensuring every piece of production was ready to melt faces. She is currently wrapping up her last few months in college, pursuing an associates degree in Entertainment Business.

Superpowers include maintaining excellent organization of all projects and ensuring maximum communication while everyone involved progresses creatively. Kristen spends both her free time and work time making sure all conversations lead to inspiration, courage, and growth. Her passions and role in life come down to making beautiful music experiences for the artist(s) and their fans.

Being fearless in a new world, Kristen has jumped into the Brain Candy galaxy to exercise new parts of her mind as a Creative Brain Operator. She cannot wait to spend life working alongside creative souls as their dreams rise together.

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Tali Izhaky is Brain Candy’s Commander of Publishing hailing from Seattle, WA. She helps out with all things publishing, sync, and spreadsheets.


Music has always been a huge part of Tali’s life. Starting with piano at age 5, she added on a few more instruments and played in pit orchestras and school bands up until her senior year of high school. Towards the end of high school, Tali started to fall in love with the business side of the music industry and made the decision to go cross country to Boston. She just graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BM in Music Business. 


Tali’s passion in the music industry has always been to help artists spread their voice. Recently, that passion has morphed into “stop artists from getting screwed over by major labels”. Tali is excited to see how she can further help artist’s as Brain Candy’s Commander of Publishing.

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Amber Solheim is the Promotional Alchemist for Brain Candy Management. She handles various elements of artist promotions, content creation, and social media management.

The music industry has always been a fundamental part of Amber's life. Raised in an immersive music environment, Amber has grown to love the many sides of the industry and now wants to contribute to it herself.


She is currently pursuing a B.A. in Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin - Madison alongside a certificate in Digital Studies. Her love and passion for the music industry have driven Amber to Brain Candy Management and she is excited to see how she will go "beyond the traditional" to make a lasting mark on how the music industry functions.



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