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Follow along with AIVA ASTRA as she explores universal harmony and love while encouraging people to explore their higher purpose through a series of self-reflection, meditation, and music in preparation for her upcoming musical release The Love Vibration.

Pre-save the Love Vibrations EP here & check back each week as AIVA ASTRA releases new guides, tutorials, and exercises to guide you through this Love Vibration experience.

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Altars have been used throughout history and across cultures as a way to honor those who have passed, to connect with the Spirit world, and to bring focus to our desires. Just as there are many different ways to use an altar, there are also many ways to create one.

Download the PDF Guide to creating your own alter below

and keep it as a continual reference for building an altar.

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Breathe and Beam with me:

Sound healing has been proven to promote relaxation, reduce pain, stress and anxiety
and can help support a restful night’s sleep.


Breathwork is a powerful tool for self healing and energetic transformation that helps to calm the mind and release blocked energy within the body. 

Breathwork can be practiced any time anywhere and there are many styles and techniques. Whether in meditation, yoga, or taking a deep breath out in nature, the power of breathwork can help restore balance, reduce stress and promote tranquility in our everyday lives.

Download the PDF Guide to Breathe and Beam below

and keep it as a continual reference for those stressful times.

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See your future, manifest your dreams, and open yourself to the possibilities in life.

Tune in to the guided visualization and sound journey above to see the vision of your future by following your North Star.

Download the PDF Guide Seeing Your Future below to explore working with Tarot cards, a story behind one of the songs from The Love Vibrations album, and more.

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When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see?
Mirrors are a powerful tool for reflection and revealing.

But mirror gazing goes beyond vanity. We can use our mirrors to create a vision of ourselves as we would like to be. Our words are like magic and their power creates our realities.


The trick here, is to look into your eyes and speak your highest self into being.

Practice Activating your Throat Chakra with a mirror gazing mantra that speaks to your soul’s truth. Remind yourself that there is no one else like you!

Be intentional. Be fearless. Be Free. Be You.

Download the PDF Guide to Chant Your Truth below

and keep it as a continual reference for when you need to reflect and reveal.

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I’ve never been more truly madly deeply in love with myself than I am today. I've spent the last few months rebuilding and deepening my relationship with my own heart and I’ll tell you, it feels really good to love out loud, without fear, or limitation.  

I believe, we should all love ourselves the way we want to be loved and not always look to others to fill our supply. When you seek the greatest love from within, like-hearts will attract and magnetize. And you just might find it's the high quality self-love that's guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

After all, no one knows your heart quite like you do. So why not remind yourself of all the things YOU love about YOU! 

Download the PDF Guide to Love Letters below

and keep it as a continual reference for when you need to strengthen your self love!

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When we use our creative powers to make our dreams into reality, the world becomes the most magical place to be. Consider making a Dream board.

Dream boards, (or vision boards) are powerful creative tools for manifesting our dreams and making magic happen. Create some time and space to be with yourself, connect with your heart’s innermost desires, and bring those lofty daydreams to life in a visual format.

Much like with the previous visualization practice, the positive intentions we put into this practice ultimately attracts the energy toward us. 

The act of choosing positive images and words alone can help raise your vibration! Not to mention, the art of putting scissors to paper can be oh so soothing.


Download the PDF Guide to Activate Your Inner Fire below

and keep it as a continual reference for when you need to turn your dreams into reality!

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Life is a gift, so why not celebrate it?

Remember you are the STAR of your Story!


On this journey of life, every moment can be a destination. Why not have a soundtrack for every occasion? I made the STELLAR VIBES PLAYLIST to help raise your vibration. Tune in to the right and shine your starlight! Make today a celebration!

Reserve some special time for YOU.

Create space to celebrate everything you feel passionate about. Revel in the simple joys! Cheer for the little wins and the minor accomplishments! Praise the changes you’ve made! Acknowledge the failures that grew you! Dance to your dedication toward your desires! Lift up what you love most about you! Raise a glass to the people that celebrate that too!

Download the PDF Guide to throw your own Passion Party below because every day should be a celebration!