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Modern Blogging: an Artist's Guide

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Growing your presence as an artist can be complicated; and although beautifully innovative, the internet's fast pace can be inhibitive. We've put together a guide to help you through the process of getting started with blogging.

On top of a brown wooden table is a MacBook, a white mug filled with coffee, a black iphone, and a notepad of lined paper, the top page of which is filled with notes. There is a pen laying across the top of the notepad.

Choosing Your Blogging Platform

There are virtually infinite options when it comes to choosing where to blog, but your best option depends on the kind of blogging you want to do. Another consideration is content: some types of content are better suited to specific platforms. We’ve narrowed down the pros of some of your options:

Create your own blog

This is the traditional and most well-known platform for blogging. Whether you opt for a blog-tailored website builder (like WordPress) or for constructing a blog template yourself with a more generic website builder, the benefits remain essentially the same:

  • Allows for considerable creative control

  • Ideal for those interesting in developing a strong brand

  • Unspecified, self-selected post lengths; you decide what you're willing to take on

  • Fairly easy to tack a blog subsection onto an already existing website

A female-presenting individual with short, pink hair and a green crewneck sweater is reclined in a chair behind their desk. One of their hands is on a mouse, and the other is on the wireless keyboard of a desktop computer that is on the desk. Also on the desk is a blue leather bound notebook, a pencil, and a potted plant.

Some things to be aware of when creating your own blog platform:

  • While this option may initially be more work-intensive than others, it might be a worthwhile investment into your brand identity and creative freedom

  • You aren’t obligated to make long posts just because you can. A rule of thumb worth considering is keeping posts between 500-1000 words


I know—most people don’t think Instagram when they think blogging, but hear me out. The length of ‘traditional’ blogging can be daunting for some, which makes Instagram a great alternative or starting place. Instagram's pros are:

  • Heavily picture-reliant blogging style

  • Favors consistently shorter, more manageable blog posts

  • When working in tandem with a more traditional blog, can direct traffic to said blog

  • Has considerable flexibility when it comes to formality

A computer screen is pictured. In the background is a window opened to a new Instagram post that has yet to be published. The picture that is to be published is of a small, clearly captured group of daisies in front of the Grand Canyon. Pulled up in front of the Instagram page is a word doc, on which the caption for the image is written. The caption has been copied and pasted from the word doc into the Instagram caption.

Some things to be aware of when using Instagram for blogging:

  • Not everyone reads the captions; create you content with this in mind. If there is information you need your audience to read, referencing said information in a picture and directing them to the caption is the best way to ensure they see it.

  • Keep your blog posts shorter! Your audience on Instagram will inherently expect shorter posts; focus on hitting the highlights and cutting out unnecessary details. Avoiding block text captions is also a good idea.

YouTube or TikTok

Is writing the bane of your existence? No worries—consider vlogging! Vlogs can fall anywhere on the range from scripted to unscripted, and fancy equipment isn't necessary! Here are some of the pros of vlogging:

  • The main writing involved is scripting

  • To get started, you really only need a smart phone

  • Speaking (rather than writing) to your audience has a uniquely personal feel

  • Some blog topics are better suited to video format (like how-to videos)

  • The complexity of your vlogs is scalable; should you want to upgrade equipment, you always have that option

A male-presenting individual sits at a brown wooden table. On the table is a black tripod with a black iPhone, an open book, and a spiral bound notepad with a pen on top of it. The individual is smiling, is wearing glasses, and headphones. His hands are brought up in an expressive manner. They appear to be filming themself.

Some things to be aware of when vlogging:

  • Vlogging often comes with a learning curve. Consider using TikTok first, as the 3 minute time cap removes some issues of shooting and cutting together complex footage.

  • The balance between scripted an unscripted is a fine one; overly scripted videos tend to be stiff and impersonal while entirely unscripted videos can come across as chaotic and disorganized. Ultimately, know the vibe you're going for and script to achieve it.

Alright, you’ve got your platform chosen… what’s next?

Creating Blog Content

Now that you have your platform chosen, choosing content should be easier. That doesn't make it easy, though. We know that creativity is difficult to force, so we have some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Fun stories from tour

  • Your newest favorites (whether music related or not—this can open the door to new friends, connections, and even sponsorships!)

  • What your creation process looks like

  • Talk about something you love, even if it's really small (authenticity shines through in flattering ways)

  • A cause that you care about (A perk of having an audience is that you can inspire great change)

  • Niche (or not niche) Industry Topics

  • What’s behind the lyrics?

Ok, now you have your idea… let’s get to blogging!

An individual wearing a white sweater is actively typing on a silver MacBook. The back ground is black, such that the only things pictured are the computer, two hands and the arms connected to the hands.

Blogging Tips

The length and style of your content will depend on the platform you've chosen. A good rule of thumb is to match the content that other users are posting. If you find that you have to change your content a lot, consider switching to a different platform!

Structure your content and make it easy to navigate. Attention spans are short these days, and a massive, disorganized block of text is a surefire way to ensure people scroll away. Split up your writing into relevant sections with visually distinct headers and subsections, bold especially important points, and use bullet points where you can!

Pictures are a surprisingly important component of blogging. They serve as mental breaks for readers, and as an alternative method for digesting information. In general, ensure that pictures you incorporate add to your content in some way, and aren't annoyances that readers have to scroll past.

Keep it authentic! Like I mentioned earlier, authenticity shines through in flattering ways, and happiness is infectious! If you are genuine, people will feel what you write.

Don't overcomplicate things, do your best, and don't stress! When you feel out of your depth or that you content is inadequate when compared with that of others, remember that you're the only one who can contribute your own unique voice. Where execution is concerned, you'll get there; just be patient with yourself. We have faith in you!

As always, Brain Candy is here to help!

We know that this can be a lot to process and act on. If you're looking for help with managing anything from content to branding to design, please don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to connect. Cheers, and happy blogging!

This is the brain candy logo, which is a red lollipop pictured between the words “Brain” and “Candy.”

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