As the “Anti-Label” BCM goes Beyond The Traditional to offer strategic artist assistance and business development through individually crafted audio, creative, and professional services. Our mission is to provide musicians and artists the ability to do what they love, and live comfortably while doing so. Learn more about Brain Candy's customized à la carte audio, creative, marketing and management services below if you're still debating what services would be the best fit for you then schedule a free consultation and our team will help you decide.



Brain Candy prides itself on being able to internalize an artist’s vision and deliver a professional and captivating sonic experience. We ensure that our clients have full control over their sound - providing them with multiple versions of the audio throughout the process and ensuring that we are properly capturing their vision! With over a decade of professional experience, our team offers the highest quality mixing & mastering, music production, studio recording, sound design, and any other audio related service you need! Explore our previous audio work by clicking through the gallery.



Brain Candy recognizes that one of the most important aspects of success comes from strong creative assets. Because of this, the creative team works to go beyond the traditional in ensuring that each creative output matches the goals and needs of everyone we work with. We understand that the visual elements of a project function to tell stories and convey messages just as much as their audio and textual counterparts. With that, we are here to help curate all your creative needs whether it be branding, graphics, photography, or video! Discover our previous creative work by clicking through the adjacent gallery!



Brain Candy relishes itself on fully customizable artist development plans to fit each creative brain properly. We take the time to understand our client's strengths, weaknesses, vision, and goals to properly conquer and divide in the most effective way possible. This method allows our clients to comfortably focus on their favorite things while we maintain the mundane to achieve the clients goals. We understand that this relationship is a partnership - allowing the client to drive towards their dreams while we ride in the passenger seat with the GPS letting you know about any obstructions along the way.  We’re here for your journey and to make sure all your paths are open wide for the drive. Check out our previous development work by clicking through the adjacent gallery!



Brain Candy understands the importance of getting your name, brand, and message out there for the galaxy to see! We recognize that the foundational cure to great ideas going unheard is a strong execution of marketing tactics. Let us guide you through the tricky world of marketing - from email campaigns, to TikTok, to the traditional hangin’ flyers in coffee shops. Our marketing team will customize and devise a plan that is just as unique as you! No two artists or companies are the same, and neither are our plans for you. Explore our previous marketing work by clicking through the adjacent gallery!