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Nate Gott: A Brain Candy Management Case Study

Nate Gott is a singer/songwriter from Hendersonville, Tennessee. Gott’s unique style blends light turns of indie guitar phrases overlayed with epic bass and drum tracks, resulting in an interesting blend of indie and hip hop.


Nate Gott signed to Brain Candy in April of 2021 as a Branding Development client with the goal of establishing a remarkable brand, improving online artist presence, creating music, time management, and assisting in brainstorming and executing social media marketing campaigns.


Nate Gott kicked off his partnership with Brain Candy strong. October of 2021 marked the release of his newest single Used To; from the release of this single alone Gott saw a 43% increase in Spotify followers. Aside from the undeniable fact that the single is immaculate and showcases the best of Gott’s work to date, this massive increase in following is likely due to the invaluable publicity opportunities Brain Candy’s wonderful Kristen Davis worked to obtain for Gott; these entailed, for example, guest appearances on Nashville Daily (XPLR) and Blog Talk Radio.

Beyond the 43% increase since the release of Used To and Brain Candy’s publicity work, Gott has been able to gain and maintain a consistent increase in monthly listeners that has lasted to this day. For example, just during the first month of 2022, Gott saw nearly a 30% increase in monthly Spotify listeners. Alongside increasing percentages, Brain Candy has also ensured that Gott’s streaming figures come from an increasing variety of sources, like Apple Music and YouTube.

Spotify Monthly Listeners data from Jan-Feb 2022


In November of 2021, Gott appeared as a guest star on the podcast Nashville Daily (XPLR), where he shared how he began in the music world as well as his singles Used To and Feeling This Tomorrow (unreleased). You can also watch the performance here!

Brain Candy also secured Gott a feature on Blog Talk Radio’s artist radio interview #ConversationsLIVE. This entailed a week-long artist highlight that resulted in an ongoing radio play and a review of Used To in their Amazon publication.

Since the drop of his single and these guest appearances, Gott has been able to gain and maintain consistent streams to this day.


Since joining us in April of 2021, Brain Candy has also worked to secure Gott live performance opportunities in downtown Nashville, including alongside the Bridgestone Arena. These live experiences are critical to developing things like connections, artist skillset, and following.


Gott's growth has not been limited to his streams; he has seen a significant rise in social media following and engagement, with notable spikes occurring after the live experiences organized by Brain Candy. These numbers are reliable indicators of a steadily growing, reliable improvement in artist presence.

Overall, Brain Candy's work with Nate Gott demonstrates how critical an intentional marketing approach is to succeed in the industry. Does any of this pique your interest? Schedule a free consultation with one of the brains here at Brain Candy!

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