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Why Don’t We and the Importance of Supportive Management

From the 1940s with the Beatles, through the 90s with NSYNC and beyond, our pop culture has been fascinated by boy bands. In every decade, there seems to be a new handful of singers for fans to lift onto a pedestal.

And with every case, there is a village of people working behind the scenes to make their respective groups a success. A great team can mean the difference between a flop and a critically-acclaimed act. With great power comes great responsibility.

But sometimes, that power can be taken for granted, like in the ongoing legal battle between the music group Why Don’t We and their past management company, Signature Entertainment.

In fact, 5-piece were forced to cancel their upcoming tour after being served a cease and desist in which they “[do not] have the capacity to enter into an agreement with any promoter or venue” for their 2022 Good Times Only Tour.

The group accused their former manager of “mental, emotional, and financial abuse” in a post shared on their Instagram in September of last year.

One of music's best qualities is the community it can create amongst its fans. I am incredibly sad for the fans of Why Don’t We who will not get to experience their love of music at their now-canceled shows.

As a fan, it can be easy to think of the performance and business sides of our favorite artists as separate entities and become distracted by the razzle-dazzle of the music that we miss professional shortcomings. But just like any other job, it is essential to be surrounded by a supportive team and treat colleagues with respect. It is nearly impossible for one to create their best work when there are preventable obstacles in the way.

Not only is Why Don't We canceling their upcoming tour in light of this ongoing legal battle, but they are also going on an indefinite hiatus after six years of creating music.

"We were 15 to 18 years old when Why Don't We started. We were young, impressionable and trusting, the result of being brought up in loving, supportive families," the group shared in a statement.

Now, the band's fans are missing out on music from the group altogether as a result of these legal battles behind the curtain. When the act hurts, it trickles down to affect every other party as well, professional or otherwise.

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