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Tony Chiarella

Co-Founder + Keeper Of The Realm

Tony Chiarella, Co-Founder & Keeper of the Realm at Brain Candy Management, is an artist & business development coach, audio engineer, and electronic music producer. Having a passion for disruptive technology, Tony is quick at spotting future trends in the entertainment industry and has been brought on as an advisor to multiple blockchain and tech startups.

Priding himself on his technical savvy and attention to detail, Tony is responsible for onboarding artists onto all digital platforms and focuses on helping the artist visualize their path from creation to collection - ensuring they are getting paid for their art. He utilizes his creative problem solving skills to develop both artists and businesses by pinpointing weaknesses and devising detailed strategies that build solid foundations and unlock the path to growth and longevity.

In addition to his business acumen, Tony is an accomplished audio engineer and electronic music producer. Earning an M.A. in Audio Arts at Syracuse University, Tony honed his technical skills learning from Grammy nominated engineers, producers, and film sound designers.

Through his electronic music brand, Tichi, he has garnered over 500,000 streams on self-released tracks with strong branding and new-age guerrilla marketing tactics. Tony hopes to give artists the opportunity to achieve a successful career without major record labels controlling their masters and hindering the artists' creative control.

Tony Chiarella
Tony Chiarella
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