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From mixing and mastering to beat production and more our in house audio engineers are here to lend you their ear to create the perfect sound regardless the genre. Unleash your sonic potential, explore all of our audio service offerings and previous work here.

From branding and graphics to photo and video services our creative team is prepared to craft a visual spectacular to make your artistry stand out from the rest. Express your artistry, discover our various creative services and past work here.

From artist strategy and goal setting to PRO and distribution assistance our team is here to make sure you have the best foundation to build your career upon. Learn more about our development services and how we've assisted independent artists here.

From album/single release marketing campaigns to brand partnerships, our team is here to make sure you reach a clearer and larger target marketing than ever before. Let us expand your fanbase, check out our marketing services and past work here.



Not so long ago, in this very galaxy, Brain Candy Management was founded as the first-ever Anti-Label. Founded in 2016, The Brain Candy mission is to bring forth a revolution to the modern industry of human storytelling - a.k.a. the entertainment industry. Our revolution encourages creatives to unite together, to fight for their rights, to share their unadulterated art, and above all else, go beyond the traditional in all that we do.


Built around our three principal laws - Safeguard Creatives’ Control, Inspire Human Camaraderie, and Encourage Industry Collaboration, BCM goes Beyond The Traditional to offer strategic artist and business development through individually crafted audio, creative, and professional services. From integrated marketing to label and distribution services, we offer a diverse range of expertise and guidance. 


With Brain Candy's mission control based in Nashville Tennessee, the Anti-Label has established its brand as an all-in-one creative service powerhouse. By allowing clients to garner ideation, creation, and distribution all in one house (literally), Brain Candy is able to build on elements currently lacking in the entertainment industry - especially in Nashville.

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